Video Production Malaysia in 2022: Exciting Video Production Trends to Look Forward to in Malaysia.

Many of us have had new experiences in the last two years, some of the more joyful than others, and many of them are due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The way we shop, travel, spend time with friends and family and consume media has all changed as a result of terms like lockdown and vaccine passports entering our daily language.

Wherever there is a financial opportunity, innovation is bound to follow, and the massive move toward streaming over traditional TV means that advertisers have new options. Let's look at a few of the more intriguing things about video production Malaysia.


Advertising video production Malaysia on demand, or AVOD, refers to streaming services that rely on advertising rather than membership fees to fund their platforms, which would have been a highly unfashionable choice in the past, and surely not in the future of digital video. Despite the fact that streaming behemoths such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others dominate the industry, customers are increasingly prepared to accept advertisements if it saves them money, according to Leichtman Research Group.

With the subscription market becoming increasingly saturated, free-to-view options such as AVOD services are expected to develop in popularity and become one of the primary video production Malaysia content trends observed on CTV. According to recent research from video AdTech firm Unruly, European TV consumers do not want to spend more than $25 a month for a subscription service, indicating that there is a significant market opportunity for video ad providers.

According to eMarketer, AVOD viewers accounted for more than half of all digital video viewers in the United States in 2021, and AVOD viewership will continue to grow in the coming year as more media companies that own traditional TV networks invest in streaming (e.g., NBCUniversal's Peacock, Fox's Tubi, ViacomCBS's Pluto TV, and Paramount+, WarnerMedia's HBO Max, and Discovery's Discovery+).


No, we're not talking about a major component of a Roman legion (though that would be awesome), but rather a cookie substitute made up of a variety of units such as homes, regional locales, specialized individual groups, and so on. Cohorts are being created as a replacement for mobile ad identifiers in video production Malaysia because tracking user exposure would be extremely impossible without substantially violating users' privacy, which has grown more unacceptable in many countries, particularly in the European Union.

They don't share user-level data, which complies with most international data protection regulations, and they deliver high-level actionable insights when analyzed by a measurement partner with analytics experience. All of this makes cohorts an intriguing issue to consider while pondering the future of digital video and what might dominate video production Malaysia trends in the next years.

Formats for Immersive Advertising

Advertisers have been able to experiment with their content thanks to the increased accessibility of CTV, and one thing that became clear fast across gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other devices was that users responded positively to in-depth information. Providing immersive interactive commercials with a tailored framework, whether through video, gaming, or other means, will almost certainly prove to be a successful strategy for advertisers.

The key will be to supply dynamic ad content that can adapt fast to developing patterns that match the core interests of the targeted target, and this will rely on high-quality data analysis to take advantage of significant video trends as they emerge. When generating immersive commercials for digital video content, advertisers should make sure to include information such as geographic area, demographic background, income level, and other aspects, as this will allow them to create the most in-depth advertising experience possible.

Advertising that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible

Consumers of digital media trends are increasingly demanding that their favourite firms take stances on the most critical moral and ethical concerns, which has never been more profitable for marketers. According to a study conducted by First Insight, up to 62 percent of millennials and Generation Zers want to shop from sustainable businesses, and they also expect social issues to be addressed through promotions, charity work, and corporate social responsibility, among other things.

It's tempting to capitalize on the latest video production Malaysia trends that address socially aware concerns, but businesses should be cautious; simply latching on to a cause without fully comprehending its nuances for the sake of likes and shares could be devastating. Sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly common, and more companies want to illustrate how they are addressing everyday environmental issues. Take, for example, Adidas' popular Stan Smith sneakers, which are now constructed of recycled plastic, H&M's recyclable packaging, or Dove's refillable deodorants. In 2022, brands will need to update their messaging and policies to reflect the actions they are taking, and they will need to ensure that anything they support can be justified based on two factors: first, that the company can speak from a position of authority about it, and second, that it will be a profitable exercise for the company.

Marketing to a Multicultural Audience

Appealing to new cultural areas has always been a solid strategy for marketers looking to develop their brand, whether through video advertising or other means, and while multicultural marketing is a buzzword, it's also a huge video production Malaysia content trend. Advertisers start with a wide campaign to reach the largest possible audience, then use a number of marketing methods to develop sub-campaigns to target a more varied audience, all of which are made easier by CTV technology.

With the rising need for inclusivity and diversity in advertising campaigns, this method will be partitioned to reach a variety of niche demographics while maintaining the same general plan for video production Malaysia. To find the correct audiences to build on, this will rely on verified second and third-party data, but if this is accomplished, the better definitions will provide significant value to video advertising companies.

CTV-First Advertising Agencies

CTV's spectacular growth took a bit for many of the media industry to catch up with, but it's now a fully-fledged part of the industry landscape, and the market is responding by putting up agencies solely focused on CTV. Companies who recognize that buying, targeting, and evaluating CTV-based content for advertising requires a specialized approach are likely to be at the forefront of video advertising in the future.

Given the desire for targeted ad content, CTV first agencies must mix the dynamic, granular characteristics of digital marketing with the capabilities of television-focused teams to create a holistic storytelling experience. However, if they are successful in doing so, anticipate these companies to perform well as they put themselves in one of the most intriguing positions in the video advertising industry.

Video Content in a Short Form

It's surely not gone unnoticed that Tik Tok is now one of the most popular social media platforms, and its undeniable significance as a video content trend has had a significant impact on CTV and other types of media. Thanks to Tik Tok, millions of social media savvy people, particularly Generation Z, now anticipate video advertising and associated types of content to be short, snappy, engaging, and multimedia in nature.

Marketers and advertisers who combine short-form video content with immersive commercials are more likely to succeed; the issue will be figuring out their own niche or unique selling point. They'll do well if they can figure this out and build an identifiable brand story for their short-length material; just make sure it's relevant to the business's identity, not just whatever's trendy in video trends.


It should come as no surprise that blogging would be mentioned in an article about the future of digital video and online video production Malaysia trends, and 2022 is projected to be a banner year for this sector. Influencers on social media platforms like YouTube continue to rule the blogging world, but more brands and organizations will appear on other digital video platforms in the coming year.

Because of the ease with which viewers may consume video on demand, CTV provides a fantastic channel for businesses' vlogs to become popular. Brands can reach their audience in locations that would not have been conceivable a decade ago. Behind-the-scenes content, brand story videos, tutorials, and interviews are among the most popular sorts of brand videos. Brands will be able to communicate their story, provide value to their audience, and deliver the messages that distinguish them in the coming year if they include all of this into their marketing plans. Because many organizations want to work with vlogging personalities and influencers, branded material and messages will need to be unique, thus expect this to be a consistent major video production Malaysia trend next year.

Audio that is programmed

Yes, it may not seem like this has anything to do with video advertising trends, but the rise in popularity of podcasts over the last decade has made programmatic audio a lucrative industry for advertisers that follow video trends.

Consider that many of these millions of Americans listen to their audio content on social media platforms that focus on video content, such as YouTube, rather than audio-only platforms. Because the audience is significantly more susceptible to new types of media as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic's lockdowns, brands shouldn't be scared to employ programmatic audio in their advertising efforts.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is at the cutting edge of most contemporary technologies, so it should come as no surprise that it will play a significant role in the future of digital video and video production in Malaysia. Prepare for AI-powered features in the Connected TV business, SEO, SMM, and other disciplines of digital marketing that will enable video content producers to target exponentially more specific content and, as a result, improve audience numbers.

AI tools will increasingly be used by businesses to conduct business, forecast, and make predictions. In the CTV business, for example, AI systems can currently analyze large volumes of data to create exact demand forecasting as well as improve the CTV advertising experience for consumers while simultaneously increasing advertiser performance.


For anyone working in video production Malaysia, video content development, or even CTV, next year is sure to be an interesting one, so let's look forward to 2022 which is hopefully a lot brighter in many respects than the previous year. Make sure your company is up to date on all the current video trends, and Satori Filma will assist you in realizing your full potential and implementing the most daring ideas and experiments. Best of luck, and have a wonderful new year!

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