What's Better: In-House Video Production or Outsourcing a Video Production Company in Malaysia?

You're well aware that video is in high demand among purchasers. You'd like to make more videos. However, you are unable to proceed. Should you hire outside videographers or invest in in-house video production?

Outsourced Video Production Company vs. In-House Video Production

Let's establish our two choices right now. The DIY option is to do things yourself: You purchase video equipment and either hire or delegate video production to members of your marketing team. Although there are fewer people participating, they are your friends.

When you outsource, you do the exact opposite: you employ freelancers or, more typically, a video production business to oversee your video projects.

In most cases, the video production process entails:

  • Creating a video pitch

  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding

  • Scouting for a suitable location

  • Equipment acquisition and maintenance (cameras, lights, mics, and props)

  • Setup for pre-production

  • The manufacturing process (the actual filming)

  • After-production (editing)

  • Special effects, animation, or motion graphics

Both in-house and outsourced Video Production Company offers distinct benefits. You'll be able to keep and reuse the equipment you buy if you build your own video team. You'll be able to gather talent in-house, drawing on a deep understanding of your brand, and maintain and reuse the equipment you buy if you build your own video team. On a per-video basis, in-house is nearly always cheaper in the long term.

Video Producer Mathew King explains, "Filming in-house is about being quick and scrappy." “Perhaps all you have is a smartphone and a portable mike, but if you position the subject in front of a window with natural light and press record, that's all it takes. It's often preferable to finish the film on the same day as opposed to overthinking or overproducing it.”

Outsourcing, on the other hand, provides a lot of advantages. You receive a partner with a fresh, objective viewpoint, a wealth of experience, and a pre-assembled team. External video firms have the advantage of a larger, typically more well-rounded staff that has created a huge number of videos, according to Mathew. “Because they know what they're doing, they're usually better at estimating timeframes and budgets.”

A $50,000 RED Digital Cinema camera gear, for example, costs more than double Vidyard's entire in-house equipment budget. Agencies can also bring in special equipment and a full suite of hardware and software that you don't have the funding for. “Even if they merely have the same video editing tools you do in-house, they might know how to utilize it better, and they might have post-production professionals on staff, such as 3D animators,” says Blake Smith, Vidyard's Creative Director.

Advantages of Creating Video in-House

  • In-depth knowledge of your brand

  • familiarity with previous brand videos

  • Complete creative freedom

  • Reshoots are simple to plan when you own the equipment.

  • Create your own timeframes.

  • The size of the team has a direct impact on output.

  • Imperfections can add authenticity to a piece.

Cons of In-House Video Production

  • It's difficult to be objective.

  • Equipment purchases can be costly at first (but not always)

  • Downtime is costly for salaried team members.

  • It can be inconvenient to schedule team members as actors.

  • The size of the team limits the amount of work that can be done.

  • Your team members must wear a variety of headwear.

Benefits of Video Production Company Outsourcing

  • Outsider's point of view that isn't skewed

  • Writers and storytellers who are experts in their fields

  • Professional performers who appear natural in front of the camera

  • No need to find and acquire equipment Videos made for conversions and optimized for search Experience working with a variety of customers

  • There's no need to hire a full-time employee.

  • There's no need to divert employees' attention away from their task while using special effects and animation.

Cons of Video Production Company Outsourcing

  • Interviewing freelancers or agencies takes time.

  • Your brand's understanding isn't as developed as it may be.

  • Creative freedom is limited.

  • You have no control over the project's schedule.

  • On a per-video basis, it's more expensive.

  • Managing freelancers can take up a lot of time.

Both solutions have disadvantages. If you form your own team, you're taking a risk that you'll be able to gather the right people with the proper talents to complete the project on time. “The last thing you want is a missed deadline and additional costs due to unplanned adjustments since the team hasn't done it before,” Mathew says.

According to Mathew, in-house teams are often prone to conversing in their own company jargon. “Having someone outside to bounce ideas off of is quite beneficial.”

You're betting that someone else can handle the production process better and faithfully bring your ideas to life if you choose to outsource. When agencies are busy, you may find yourself fighting for their attention with other clients.

It's also more difficult to keep track of reshoots and editing. “Let's assume you make a two-minute product film, and then the product changes,” Blake explains. “Getting that agency back for a quick reshoot is more difficult.”

There's also the issue of expense. The specialist equipment and people used by agencies are more expensive for every video, and you don't get anything other than the video (and occasionally the raw material) after they're done.

If you are looking to outsource a Video Production Company in Malaysia, Then make sure you evaluate both carefully before considering this approach. Choosing the right Video Production Company is also a major factor.

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